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But Seriously Now…

IT and Cloud Solutions are simple when done well In our time in the ICT business, we have never seen such a volitile market. Business choosing to develop on Home User platforms, desemination of data control to local and overseas startups, and business decisions being made that, 5 years ago, would have been unthinkable. “Development!” some cry, “Devolution?” others reply. The simple fact is no-one really knows…. yet. Big questions get asked, “Is it safe? Will I loose control? Can I get back from this choice?” These are good questions and they need good answers. I’m with Roxanne Bland, “Forget what they told you, If you want the truth…follow the money.” Most cloud solutions are full of hidden margins and no responsibility. Keep it simple, trust established business principles and maintain control of your IP and data. Go, do your business, we are there when you need us. Nil novi sub sole. There is nothing new under the Sun

Strange but True

The Delacate Art of developing IT while maintaining Sanity Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be a strange and mysterious beast. It has been refered to as one of the Dark Arts. This is usually to increase the fear and therefore the dependance on IT support services.Maintenance contracts are a good example of this. We are often told by clients  that they thought they had to pay maintenance just so someone would answer their calls. We answer your call because we want to help. If we do a good job, we hope you will ring again. No contract required. Technology has become more and more comoditised, drawing the line between cheap and disposable or quality and longevity has never been more diffiuclt. Understanding this takes experience in the market most SME’s cannot gather. We bring that experience to your team when you need it.


A Modern Approach to IT Services and Cloud Products ITCLoud has over 25 years of experience in providing IT Services and Cloud infrastructure to New Zealand Small to medium Enterprises (SME’s). Our focus is on providing pro-active and responsive support to our business clients. Alongside these services we provide sound advice and consultation in the development of IT infrastructure to enhance their operations, productivity and profitability.
STORY 25 YEARS OF MEETING CLIENT NEEDS. When we started in 1992 we were interested in two things. The first was providing value for money. We held this up as a key indicator in our success or failure with our clien base. The second was stability. We wanted to last. It was our goal to provide the best ICT service and support, without requiring a service contract, to the New Zealand SME market. Why? Because that was what we wanted from our service people. Like a trusted Mechanic, Builder or Plumber, who, if the job is done right, you might not need to ring for months, but when you do need them, answer your call, fix the problem, and do it at a reasonable price. We wanted to be like that. Honest, Trustworth, Fair, Independant, Avaliable, Resourceful and Stable. After 25 years, we think we are, and so do our clients. Feel free to ask for our references.
It is great to have your head in the clouds, as long as your feet are firmly on the ground. - Hamish Fenn (or someone very like him.)


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Bridging the Gap between Cloud and Business